He Loves Rugby but I Don’t: 10 Ways to Show You Care for Your Partner’s Team


He Loves Rugby but I Don’t: 10 Ways to Show You Care for Your Partner’s Team

Here’s the thing, once you have your favorite NRL team, it’s pretty much set for life unless by some cosmic imbalance you find yourself jumping on a bandwagon and staying on forever. Many homes are divided during game day when one side supports one team and the other another. But what if you have no interest at all in watching the NRL but your partner does, how do you show that you care about their team? 

 If you want to be more involved this season here are 10 suggestions to show you care for your partner’s team.

1.Know the Game Days 

Fans always know when their team will be playing so to be more involved, check the weekly draw to see what day your partner’s team will be playing. Quick hack is to download the team’s draw so if other teams don’t interest you, at least you know when they will be playing. You can also send a quick message by saying “Morning lewa, it’s game day!” 

2. Buy Team Merchandise 

We’re not saying to go out and order the most expensive jerseys online. No. There are some local shops or second hands too that have affordable jerseys, caps, cups, or scarfs. Show interest in their team by getting merchandise for you both, if you have kids, well even better! And try to have merchandise on for game days that’s something special. 

3. Share Team Updates 

Like and follow your partner’s favorite NRL team’s page. If there are updates, share the link with them via WhatsApp or a tag on Facebook or you can even send a screenshot, “Just in case you didn’t see this” and hit send. They may already know the news but at least you are showing interest in their team by sharing information with them. 

4. Join The Hate Club

Maybe there’s a particular team you know they absolutely dislike, well join in! Whether there’s a funny meme or their enemy team loses, share this with them. There is nothing that brings you closer than a common dislike for another team. Don’t forget to ask them why they dislike a team, we’re sure they’ll tell you. 

5. Ask About the Club’s History 

One thing fans love retelling are the glory days of their favorite rugby league team. The last time they went to the grand final or any fun facts, real footy fans will gladly share with you. They won’t only share with you the great parts, they’ll share the sad parts too. It’s better to hear their take than to Google it. 

6. Find Out Why They Support Their Team 

If you haven’t asked this question? Well, ASK! There’s always a reason as to why people have a favorite team. Whether one of their favorite players were in the team or maybe their family supports the team, whatever the reason may be, we’re sure if you learned why they love their team it would make you want to support their team too. 

 7. Pay Attention During The Game

If you generally don’t like watching rugby league but you’re trying for the one you love, PAY ATTENTION DURING THE GAME. Asking questions may be a tad bit annoying during the game so pay attention. If you’re lost, quick tip is to check for live updates online so you know what’s happening during the game. If your partner is a bit more patient and will answer your questions, then ask away but read the room, if their team is down or if it’s a close game with the time ticking away, maybe save the questions for later. 

8. Make Game Days Special

Do something special for game day. Whether it be having something different for dinner or having a special meal saved ONLY FOR GAME DAYS, highlight the day by doing something different. And make sure to say “It’s game days so….” When talking about how today is different. It will make the kids excited too so everyone is generally in a good mood. If your budget allows you, maybe invite friends over to watch the game with you all. 

9. Watch Match Highlights 

If you watched the game with your partner and didn’t really understand what was going on during the game, check out the game highlights online. So at least you can also use it to learn players names and know how the team performed during the round. 

10. Support the team 

Don’t sit quietly during games. Even if you feel bored, remember the goal is to show your partner you care for his/her team and you want to show that you support their team too. So celebrate the tries, swear during the bad ref calls and cheer during the line breaks. If you don’t know when to join in the support, follow their lead.

  1. Whatever you do, always make sure you’re sincere with your attempts to support your partner’s team. If you devote your time to pretending to support the team, odds are you’d end up getting tired and lose all interest. Who knows, you may end up being a bigger fan than him!