Name:   Shaz
Nickname:   “Boss”
Origin:   New Ireland Province
Favourite Song:   This I Promise You-N’Sync (I’m a sucker for sentimental LOVE songs..)
Legendary Moment:   Being the English VOG at the 2015 Pacific Games
Favourite Rugby Team:   Brisbane Broncos & PNG Hunters
Favourite Slang:   “Meh!”

Name:  John Joguata Jr/JT
Nickname:  Gecko
Origin:   ENBP
Favourite Song:  Phil Collins - Do you remember/Something Happened on the way to
heaven;ACDC- Highway to Hell and Big Gun

Favourite Band  ACDC/Def Leppard
Legendary Moment:  Putting a smile on your face (from dirty deeds)
Favourite Rugby Team:   Brisbane Broncos/Gurias
Favourite Slang:  Well done class/ Thank you, please/ Still Okay

Name:  Naya
Nickname:  Nadii-yo
Origin:  Gulf Province
Favourite Song:  Def Leppard – Stand Up (Kick love into motion)
Favourite Band  Def Leppard
Legendary Moment:  Motor Mouth
Favourite Rugby Team:   Brisbane Broncos
Favourite Slang:  'Uh?!!'

Name:  Joey
Nickname:  JDogg
Origin:  Koki Market, Port Moresby
Favourite Song:  "Azzimbah" by Azzimbah
Favourite Band  Def Leppard
Legendary Moment:  SIX 7 FIVE
Favourite Rugby Team:   "What is Rugby"
Favourite Slang:  "Ho Ma Kaaaaaarsh"

Name:  Michelle
Nickname:  Mimo
Origin:  Middle Earth
Favourite Song:  Megadeth – Darkest Hours; Prince – Cream; The Killers –
Read My Mind; When you were young; Mr Brightside; Drake- Jungle

Favourite Band  Def Leppard
Legendary Moment:  Once I was asked who was the most influential person in my life.
I spent an hour explaining why BRUCE WAYNE was the most influential person in my life.
Yes I love Batman. I am Batman.

Favourite Rugby Team:  The Mighty GREEN MACHINE- CANBERRA RAIDERS
Favourite Slang:  Good Lord!!; I can’t even deal with this right now

Name:  Aiden
Nickname:  Sandman
Origin:  Milne Bay Province
Favourite Song:  Enter Sandman
Favourite Band  Metallica
Legendary Moment:  Every time my high pitched annoying laugh goes off.
Favourite Rugby Team:   St George Illawara Dragons
Favourite Slang:  

Name:  Daryll
Nickname:  Daz
Origin:  West Papua/Central Province, PNG
Favourite Song:  
Favourite Band  Racal Flatts/The Script
Legendary Moment:  Being annoying
Favourite Rugby Team:  West Tigers
Favourite Slang:  Awesomeness