Thank you Nestlé for the memories Their showbags SOLD OUT at 11am 50t cup Milo & Maggi Noodles still available

Shaz at the bmobile stall..

Trukai – Trukai Village
Trukai launched their 'I Love My Trukai' campaign this morning. For all you show goers, there are 4 banners, like this one in the pic, in the Trukai Village.
Find one, take a selfie, then post on the Trukai Industries FB page. The more LIKES you get, you win a tablet!
Trukai Showbags going for K5-K20. You will also get a free packet of our recently launched 'Roots Long Grain' rice

Shaz stopped by the Nestle stall for noodles break. They’re sellimf 50t per cup Maggi noodles. The Nestle show bags are going for K10, if you get 2 bags you can “Spin the Wheel” to win great prizes.

B Mobile Vodafone
At the B Mobile Vodafone stall there are CRAZY deals waiting for you.

Shaz is here in Lae of the 2016 Morobe show, Legend FM with our sister radio stations, NAU FM and YUMI FM are the OFFICIAL BROADCASTERS OF THE 2016 MOROBE SHOW.

She went by some stalls today to have to find out what was happening there but even before the show started she ran into Honelly Issac from Jokema, who stopped by to take a picture with her and Mistiq from NAU FM and Kasty and Papa Henifuka from YUMI FM.

Honelly Issac isn’t the only PNG superstar you can find at the 2016 Morobe Show, you can find Sharzy and Leonard Kania who will both be performing this weekend ( refer to the program to find out when they’ll hit the stage).

Speaking of superstars, we know Shaz is one as well so if you want to meet the voice behind Legend FM’s weekday breakfast show, YOU CAN and guess what? you can WIN A LEGEND SHIRT as well!! All you have to do is SPOT SHAZ and say “Hi”!! The catch it you have to keep checking our FB page, she’ll post when the competition begins and ends. It could start at any time of the day or run twice or three times a day, so keep an eye out for that.


The Annual BadilI Club, Red Tie Event
The Annual Badili Club Red Tie Ball is on again! The event was held at the Gateway Hotel on Saturday October 15th with the theme “Overcoming Adversity.” This year the guest speaker was Auvita Rapilla, a member of the Olympic Congress who was appointed in Rio recently, a pioneer in the sporting world with an inspiring story of hard work, humility and overcoming challenges in her life.

The event was hosted by The Badili Club a networking association that was formed in 1997. The association consists of 25 to 45 year old professionals with a drive to promote professionalism, develop role models and promote highly ethical practices in the work place. Members are in middle to senior managemnst positions. The Badili Club is a non-profit origination that acts as support base that encourages professionals to interact in a professional and personal environment where members interact with peers and mentors.

This event was supported by Legend FM.

Time: 7pm to 10.30 pm
Date: Saturday, 15 October 2016
Venue: Gateway Hotel
Info: Badili Club Facebook page

The PwC Corporate Challenge fun run or walk, 2016
The PwC Corporate Challenge fun run or walk was held on Sunday 16 October 2016. The event is an initiative designed to encourage community participation to help raise funds for worthy charities and is PwC’s way of contributing to the community in which we live.

Last week K180 000 was raised with over 900 registered participants and more than 60 companies that took part. This year the PNGFM team has been registered and will be taking part with participants from Legend FM, NAU FM, YUMI FM, TEC, Sales and our admin staff. The event itself is a fun run or walk of about 6km starting and finishing at the Sir Hubert Murray stadium with various prizes presented for the leading individual participants, winning team, largest corporate team, best dressed and most creative teams, encouragements awards for junior participants and lucky draw prizes.

All registration monies received go towards funding areas of need in the health, education, woman and children’s sectors. This year monies raised will be donated to Sir Buri Kidu Heart Institute, WeCare, Port Moresby General Hospital, ChildFund, Ginigoada and other charities within our communities.

This year’s course:
1. Start from outside Sir Hubert Murray Stadium and onto Port Road (all the way around)
2. From Port Road into Champion Paradise (all the way to Pacific Place building)
3. Left onto Musgrave Street down to Ela Beach to road
4. Right at Ela Beach (Ela Beach Towers)
5. Onto new Paga Hill ring road
6. Continue on to Stanley Esplanade
7. Stanley Esplanade onto Champion Parade
8. Right at Puma service station roundabout
9. Finish inside the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium

Date: 16th October, 2016
Venue: Downtown Port Moresby

Global Handwashing Day 2016
Global Handwashing falls on the 15 October every year. This year the theme was “Make handwashing a habit.” Which basically means the that for handwashing to be effective to was your hands consistently and at key times, such before you come in contact with food and after you use the toilet etc… The more you wash your hands and make it a habit, you cut down the risks of consuming germs, that may make you ill.

Good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses — from the common cold to more serious infections, such as meningitis, bronchiolitis, the flu, hepatitis A, and most types of infectious diarrhea. About 1.8 million children under the age of 5 die each year from diarrheal diseases and pneumonia, the top two killers of young children around the world. Handwashing with soap could protect about 1 out of every 3 young children who get sick with diarrhea and almost 1 out of 5 young children with respiratory infections like pneumonia.

This year, Shaz counted down to Global handwashing Day with the kids from The International School of Lae. The counted down to the big day with other schools from around the country as well.

RSPCA Walk for Paws
Bark twice if you love dogs! The RSPCA Paws Walk is happening on Sunday 9th of October at Ela Beach, Port Moresby. This is the 7th year of this annual event, with two international sporting stars being special guests at this year’s RSPCA Paws Walk. International sporting stars Andrew Walker, the first dual code international for Australia, and Jason Smith, former Olympian, Commonwealth Games gold medalist and captain of the NBA’s Sydney Kings basketball club will be joining dog owners and animal lovers come the 9th of October. Both stars will be officially opening the walk on the day. Apart from attending the RSPCA Paws Walk both sporting stars will also attend the the Gateway Children’s Fund Annual Charity Gold Day, this will be held on Friday the 7th of October, 2016.

Participants will go on a 2.5km walk around the beach in an effort to create awareness about the animal welfare campaigns that the RSPCA carries out. The RSPCA’s annual Paws Walk will be held on Sunday the 9th of October at Ela Beach. So dog owners and supporters alike, you can register now to be part of the walk: K50 per participant and K200 for a team (5 participants) and your dogs of are free of charge (I mean who would charge our furry friends). If you don’t have a pet to bring along but you love animals and you want to take part, don’t worry you can attend as well.

Info: RSPCA of PNG Facebook Page